Ritalin – Kiddie Cocaine in Canada

Ritalin – Kiddie Cocaine in Canada

Ritalin is a Schedule 11 narcotic in Canada, used to treat ADHD in kids and it has become known as kiddie cocaine. Ritalin is methyphenidate and it is a stimulant, very similar in its actions to cocaine***.

 Since at least 2001 warning bells have sounded, books have been written, and articles printed yet these have generally been ignored. Despite adverse findings against Ritalin use, as being harmful to the developing brains of young children, and Ritalin having harmful side effects, the US and Canada continue to prescribe Ritalin for unruly kids – accounting for around 95% of world use. According to Toronto Sun, Quebec kids used 32 million Ritalin tablets in 2010 -35% of Canadian Ritalin prescriptions.

 In Europe Ritalin is commonly prescribed, in some schools in Europe around 20% of the kids are taking Ritalin regularly. Children are prescribed Ritalin for attention disorders and other children will use Ritalin illicitly, just to be one of the crowd.

 The lack of response at government level to prescription of Ritalin for kid’s means that in the US alone, there are around 11 million prescriptions a year being issued, some to primary school children, although recommendations have been made that Ritalin not be prescribed for children under 6.

 The strong resistance to curtailing Ritalin use, despite overwhelming evidence that Ritalin is damaging to young children, in much the same way as cocaine is harmful, suggests that in our society today, there are pressures on prescribing doctors and compliant parents to conform to this unhealthy status quo

 Many behavioral studies show that when children play up in school, and fail to attend to their studies, the emotional issues that are involved generally go back to family problems. Children who lack capacity to concentrate, co operate and comply with the school regime, tend to be medicated, as if that will resolve the problem. Although using Ritalin might make kid’s more able to focus and concentrate, research has shown that kid’s using Ritalin are neither creative, nor effective in their thinking – they tend to give answers that they think will please, expressed almost as a formula.

 Families that don’t have a capacity to handle their “problem child” are just as happy as the school to see them medicated, one more of life’s many problems, resolved and out of the way.

 The DEA in the USA (Drug Enforcement Administration) admits to a problem, but sees the answer as providing more information, such as children should not use Ritalin prescribed for other kid’s. A study in Massachusetts showed that 3,500 school kids admitted to using someone else’s Ritalin.

 The official focus is entirely upon harm reduction, not on getting Ritalin out of our lives, and giving young children a more free and supportive environment in which to grow and thrive. Children who abuse energy drinks abuse the drug caffeine – in using this stimulant they are doing nothing different in principle to the children who use Ritalin and similar prescription stimulants.

 Energy drinks and Ritalin are known gateways to further drug use, such as cannabis, alcohol or speed. Young children are already known to snort and inject Ritalin, which has the risk of muscle spasms, convulsions and death. The only official answer so far is to consider Ritalin patches – although presumably these could be smoked.

 If as a parent, you are concerned about your child using Ritalin, family issues and Ritalin use can be dealt with in confidence by using drug free comprehensive addiction programs ***  that bring back the hope of good health.

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  2. Greta says:

    Ritalin should be banned for our kids with ADHD!!! There are other ways like Transform the Difficult Child – The Nurturing Heart Approach. http://www.difficultchild.com

  3. Martin says:

    Time to do something? Start by joining a Facebook group about Ritalin alternatives: http://www.facebook.com/groups/108979585892302/

  4. taruhan bola says:

    I’ve recently started a blog, the info you provide on this website has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of your time & work.

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