The Relationship between Marijuana and Alcohol

The Relationship between Marijuana and Alcohol

People have been using substances like marijuana and alcoholic drink, to get their spirits up and have high times for thousands of years. Techniques for fermenting different types of alcohol are known to exist in Egypt and Sumeria 4000 years ago. Coca leaves, the source of cocaine; cannabis, the source of THC; tobacco and caffeine were also popular with ancient cultures. These days cocaine, marijuana and alcohol seem to be the most popular substances.

Alcohol by itself is dangerous enough but when binge drinking alcoholism is mixed with the use of other drugs, it becomes even more dangerous and maybe even deadly not only for the user but also to the people around him. The most common combination seems to be marijuana and alcohol.

Beer, wine, liquor and other fermented beverages contain various level of alcohol, which is a sedative that makes a person feel a bit more relaxed. Pot has the same effect when smoked and inhaled. However, there are big differences between marijuana and alcohol as well. The first is that consumption of alcoholic drink, provided you are of adult age, is legal while marijuana is considered illegal. The second big difference between marijuana and alcohol is the way that excessive consumption makes you feel. Being drunk on alcohol can sometimes make a user lose control while being high on weed just makes reflexes slower.

Perhaps the big difference is in the issue regarding control. We hear about a lot of arrests being made because someone was causing trouble while under the influence of alcohol and very few arrests made in relation to people under the influence of marijuana causing trouble. More often than not, arrests pertaining to marijuana are made solely due to possession or the intent of selling the drug.

Marijuana and alcohol were intended to be used for more than just their sedative effects. Both can be used for cooking. Alcohol can be used in marinades and sauces while marijuana is actually a herb. Marijuana actually has more industrial uses that we have been unable to explore due to it being considered an illegal drug.

If you really think about it, marijuana actually causes less damage than alcohol consumption although both can lead to drug addiction. There’s a reason why marijuana is considered a type of medicine and is actually being legalized in certain US states and countries all over the world, but even consumed this way it is still a drug and it is to be used as directed by a medical professional.

To be honest, I have no idea if there is any specific relationship between marijuana and alcohol except for the fact that they may be two of the substances that are highly used and abused due to their availability and relative affordability as compared to other substances. Never mind the relationship between weed or booze, if a loved one or you are addicted to either of them (or both), it is time to seek help from a proper alcohol and drug addiction rehab center.

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