Doing A Line Of Coke – Cocaine Addiction

Doing A Line Of Coke – Cocaine Addiction

Doing a line, snorting coke, cocaine addiction is not at all what it is cracked up to be. Cocaine is a drug that brings on euphoria, a sense of power, well being and purpose. Cocaine is a trickster that helps us to mask feelings of depression, inadequacy, and negativity.

 No one expects cocaine addiction when they first start using cocaine. Cocaine addiction is something that other people might get – we are in control. No one wants to believe that cocaine is just another addictive drug. Cocaine is special – and so are we, is the motif of cocaine use. Other people might get an addictive habit when they chose to use cocaine – but we are absolutely sure that our increasing dependence, regular use is not cocaine addiction. We are in control.

 We say that we could stop our cocaine use, any time we like. However, when stress looms, we feel anxious, or depressed, the only thing that satisfies seems to be, increasingly, cocaine.

 In a subtle shift of focus, cocaine use comes to be most important to us. Sometimes our cocaine use means that we are missing out on doing other important things. Our social life will suffer if and when we make cocaine use something that we “must do”, in priority to other pleasures.

What should be a wakeup call, but isn’t, is when cocaine addiction starts to affect our workplace performance, causes absenteeism, lack of adequate performance. The pull of cocaine, its hold over us is such that we will find every excuse in the world as to why we have workplace issues, or why we have lost our job. All nothing to do with our cocaine use – other people being deemed at fault.

 Loss of income, loss of assets, due to our cocaine abuse will inevitably bring a loss of social status, and should make us sit up and see the damage that we are doing before it is too late. However, the cocaine addicted brain makes every excuse to avoid reality. If we blamed our cocaine use, we would have to give it up.

 It would impair our self esteem, wound our narcissistic pride to think that it is cocaine addiction***, that it is causing us damage.

 When life becomes nothing but an endless list of misfortunes and trouble – the cocaine addict will rant and rave against fate, the wrongdoing, arrogance and stupidity of others, remaining in denial that it is only the use of cocaine that is causing the threat of existential destruction.

 Cocaine addiction can be reversed, using comprehensive, effective cocaine addiction detox and cocaine rehab that gets to the root of your problems.

 It is not the fact that you use cocaine, but why you have chosen to use it that is the issue that needs to be dealt with. You would not be using cocaine, if you could handle these problems alone. Using cocaine as your help mate in life will only bring you down.

 Choose life, good health and freedom, and the strength to cast cocaine out – by getting into a cocaine rehab program that understands the causes of cocaine addiction and can help you to overcome them.

 When causes of addiction have been completely resolved – the symptom of addictive behavior disappears. You will no longer want to use cocaine or any other addictive substance. Sound like the lifeline you need?

 Next time your only option in life is doing a line of cocaine – pick up the Narconon helpline instead – your first step to a new way of life.

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  1. Great post. It took me a few years before I could admit that I had a serious problem with cocaine/crack/heroin. It was all just one big party to me.

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