The Evil of Meth Drug Addiction

The Evil of Meth Drug Addiction

Meth drug – to be supplied to the US market – is big business in Mexico. Despite recent busts on the La Familia cartel having allegedly dismantled its operations, and despite the Mexican drug wars, meth drug production in Mexico is still flourishing.

It is revealed that in central Queretaro – 500 tons, and 3.4 tons of meth have been seized that has a street value of over $100 million - probably headed for an industrial meth lab processing plant, buried beneath the ground – and 100 meters long, discovered on farmland in Sinaloa state. The Sinaloa drug cartel is reportedly taking over meth production in Mexico, with Mexico now being regarded as the main supplier of meth drug to the US market.

Literally tons of meth drug in production implies enormous demand and with Mexico having outlawed pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient of meth drug, in 2007, meth drug today is arguably more toxic. Mexican meth labs are now using the older P2P method of meth production using a range of chemical substances that are not specifically banned and so relatively more easy to smuggle. Although the P2P method produces a less potent drug, according to United Nations – World Drug Report June 2011 - Mexican meth labs are able to supply meth drug in purer form.

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The evil of meth drug addiction is that the purer the form of the meth drug produced – the more damage it does to the body. Meth drug is known for its ability to age and destroy the body, for its toxic effects on the mind. Meth drug is a stimulant, and extremely physically addictive. Meth users often find that they are unable to withstand the pain associated with meth withdrawal – involving as it does, virtually all functions of the body.

In April 2011, the University of Illinois conducted experiments on fruit flies to discover more about meth effects on the body. The results should be alarming to anyone making meth their drug of choice.

The research scientists discovered no less than 34 changes in cell functioning as a direct result of using meth. All of these changes are detrimental to good health. Researcher Barry Pittendrigh called meth a perfect storm toxin because it does so much damage to virtually every tissue of the body.

Meth appears to directly influence the molecular pathways associated with energy production, metabolism of sugar, sperm cells, cell division and structure, the endocrine system and skeletal muscle and the muscles of the heart.

More damage is done to other parts of the body from the observations of this research that will need more investigation. As far as making a decision goes, whether or not to use meth, there is already more than ample evidence that meth drug is toxic and eventually lethal to the body.

In particular researchers have found that meth drugs can change the metabolism of cells in the body to a process that does not rely on oxygen to complete the energy cycle. Some cancer cells and cells affected by meth use the anaerobic process of glycolysis to produce energy – using glucose sugar instead of oxygen.

The body naturally performs some anaerobic functions – will use anerobic metabolism to achieve quick bursts of energy. Some athletes train so as to increase anerobic metabolism, particularly in high twitch muscles. Meth drug stimulates the body system “as if” it needed to perform at an extreme level, mobilizing biochemicals that the meth user does not put into action – creating disruption and stress to the body that contributes to fatigue and premature aging.

It would appear that meth users might need to ingest more sugar in place of oxygen to support meth affected cells in the body, and to counteract the physical stress caused by meth drug use. Interestingly this finding supports a possible reason for the sugar cravings that meth addicts get.

Providing extra sugar to the fruit flies was found to prolong their survival.

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Further to the evil of meth drug addition, research from the University of Carolina and elsewhere confirms that meth use in young adults contributes to age-related brain degeneration, and disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, mainly due to loss of nerve cells that produce dopamine naturallyas result of meth use.

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Meth drug use is increasing, and the associated risk for young people of premature aging and death.

Meth drug use can be overcome using a comprehensive program for meth drug addiction recovery that is available in Quebec, Canada with Narconon Trois Rivieres.

The Narconon meth addiction program includes a chemical detoxification process that enables the gentle excretion of all toxic meth drug from the system – not only in the blood, but as stored in the tissues, so as to eliminate cravings.

Narconon also provides extensive coursework to help meth users get their problems and needs into focus. Meth drug addicts need not despair – if they enroll in a Narconon program for complete meth addiction recovery.

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