Ecstasy and Drug Addiction – Don’t Do Drugs.

Ecstasy and Drug Addiction – Don’t Do Drugs.

People who use or traffic in ecstasy can find out only too late, the serious mistake that they are making to become involved in drug use. Ecstasy addiction can occur with regular use.

 The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) of Singapore has just caught three ecstasy drug smugglers – carrying a total of around 3,000 tablets – with a value on the street of around $90,000.00. Singapore sends a very clear message – don’t do drugs. Each smuggler faces up to 30 years jail and the male offenders face up to 15 strokes of the cane. Although this is the biggest single drug bust for ecstasy In Singapore for nine years, CNB says that it indicates the size of the drug problem facing all countries in the world. Doing drugs and trafficking can end you up in jail.

 In Australia a scandal has broken – a government official, married to a State Government Minister was caught at the weekend by police trying to buy ecstasy from a dealer on the street. He was required to resign his position as a senior public servant, and the issue threatens the political career of his wife, if not the credibility of the entire government. This incident demonstrates that it does not need to be a large amount of drug use before consequences can be loss of career, income and social standing –affecting both family and friends.

 In Edmonton, Canada, in 2009, a 16 year old boy was charged with criminal negligence causing death, and drug trafficking when two teenage girls died after using ecstasy that he had supplied to them at a wedding party.

 Ecstasy is a stimulant that makes the body physically respond as if exposed to external threat – while the rapid heartbeat and general hyper arousal don’t cause death in young and healthy people, ecstasy interferes with body heat regulation. At parties the risk of dehydration is high – ecstasy users risk death caused by heart failure and overheating of the body. People who hold parties, those who supply the drugs, apart from losing friends they love, can also face criminal charges as a result of ecstasy deaths.

 Ecstasy is named for the euphoric feelings that follow on from ecstasy use,  it is really a stress response by the body – similar to a runner’s ”high” that you get when pushing the body to the limit of its capacity. However there is no guarantee that anyone will feel tranquil and at ease. Many people who have underlying insecurities and tension might find that ecstasy use only brings on panic attacks – sometimes people will become paranoid when using ecstasy. Paranoid reactions can easily lead to aggression – and loss of respect from friends.

 Not being in control of your feelings, any situation can seem like a menace and a threat – assaults and even murder can occur when a person is in the grip of ecstasy induced paranoia. Ecstasy effects on the brain don’t go away when you stop drug use – parts of the brain can be permanently damaged – feelings of fear, paranoia, and even psychosis can be triggered by ecstasy use – and continue into the future.

 Ecstasy addiction involves intensely depressive symptoms of withdrawal.

 For help to get free of ecstasy use or addiction, people need to resolve the emotional feelings that lead them to drug use, using drug free holistic methods of detox, counseling and support.

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