Living with a Crack Addict

Living with a Crack Addict

Crack addict smoking1 Living with a Crack Addict

Living with a crack addict is one of the hardest things a person or family can do.

The stress takes its toll on every person in the house and not just the addict himself.  Sometimes, and this may be hard for an addict to hear, it can even be worse on the family members than the addict himself.  After all, he can just get another fix and forget things for a while.

You never know how a day is going to start or worse, how it is going to end.  Family members and loved ones literally wonder if the setting of the sun will bring horrible news such as a death by overdose or a violent encounter that leads to someone else’s death.  Will the loved one be arrested one day in a traffic incident and crack cocaine be found in the vehicle?  Will the addict find himself so desperate for a fix that he had to go in and rob a store?

Will the crack addict turn on the very ones who love him the most?   In a rage as he finds himself in need of a fix, will he lash in physically at his partner or a child in the home?  Most domestic violence cases have drug or alcohol use as a direct or indirect cause of the disturbance to begin with.

* Living with a crack addict is not something a person should be made to do.

It is very different to care for a loved one who is ill or has special needs, but it is  completely different to live with someone who may turn violent on a whim because he cannot get his latest fix.

Sometimes the way to get a crack addict to stand up and take notice of everything he is risking, is to stand firm and think of yourself and other family members first.  Call a drug counsellor and set up an intervention.  Let the crack addict know that this is your final attempt to get him the help that he and your family desperately need and deserve.  Chances are, with the help of a professional drug counsellor on hand, your loved one will seek the help he needs and get into a residential treatment program.  If not, then perhaps it is time for you to make some changes in your own life.  You deserve to be happy too.

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